Frosti - Artist Session - New York, NY

My group of Camp friends keeps growing. I met Frosti at last Spring's session with now some of my very favorite people, and a big part of my creative community. Everyone who attends is talented in some way. Frosti is a little more unique. Ex-Survivor: China star, American Ninja Warrior fastest qualifier, parkour pioneer, fashion/lifestyle brand co-owner and all around hilarious, down-to-earth, sweet dude. We caught up while he was in town and decided to experiment a little with my eye and his movement. Here are the favs:

Laura Miles Dresser - Artist x Artist Session

As a photographer, you're rarely on the other side of the camera. It's the strangest problem to have, as someone who provides updated timestamps, purposefully or not, along people's lives. My good friend and fellow photographer/stylist Laura Miles Dresser and I decided to try out our work on each other, so we can get a little of the updates and joy of seeing your own face, hopefully captured in our most true, genuine state.

This was my half, capturing her. Laura's of moi coming later...