Treiber Farms - Long Island, NY

This July, I spent a week at my buddy Pete's family farm, Treiber Farms. We met back in February at Pocoapoco in Oaxaca, MX. As the only two guys on the retreat and roommates, we bonded pretty quickly. Besides the forced aspects of our acquaintance, we realized we were in just about the same spot as artists with a similar focus for our retreat week. We've been making things for a while (Pete's mostly collage based) but didn't know how to put words to it. We spent a good portion of the week getting to know Oaxaca and ourselves better.

So when we were back in the states, I wanted to come spend some time at Pete's new home that he'd left Brooklyn for, his family's newly acquired farm. All the way on the end of the northern tip of Long Island, I traveled to Orient to work a little on the farm, and capture what I saw along the way. Pete and his best friend (and Farm Manager) Calvin were nice enough to take me in and show me around between a few days of getting my fingers dirty. Below are some of my favorites from the week: