Again, Into the World / Film Scans: California & Photo Field Trip 2015

I recently took it upon myself to choose trust over fear; to put my work and myself out into the world again. I've always been a creative person in some fashion or another, whether it be through photography, the way I interpret music and compile it for others, or just how I view and describe my surroundings in general. I feel the most when I'm absorbing and creating art that is meaningful to me. It's always an added bonus when it touches others. That is what life's about after all, that human connection. 

We are happiest when we're doing what we'd like if for no monetary or outer-core need. This seems to be it for me, for now. Since high school, I've been in love with capturing moments in time, manipulating them through expression and presenting it to the world, or maybe just a friend or two. It's been the quickest way to view and show my emotions, with an unpredictability from the format itself which takes away the complete control I crave. I like that. It relieves some of the stress and frustration from feeling misunderstood, and allows me to sink in, knowing what will be, will be. A good reminder for how I should approach the world. Sometimes, and most of the time, it'll turn out far better than you could have ever imagined.

So, here I am, going for it. 

The first real stop in this journey was at Photo Field Trip 2015, a retreat for photographers, videographers and other creatives. A monetary investment in both developing my work and the network of people I'm choosing to start building as my newer, more serious, creative foundation. Below are all 120 film images shot on my new love-toy, the Yaschica Mat-124 G using Kodak Portra 400/160 and Tri-X 400. Locations were scattered across from journey from Santa Barbara, CA to Yosemite National Park and the various beauty surrounding Monterey, CA.

Where I'm at now is nowhere near where I'd like to be, but I'm still proud of it. It's a process that'll change, grow and eventually evolve into what I actually see inside my head.