Mia Berg - Artist Session - New York, NY

Mia Berg is a photographer and painter, soft-spoken (until she's not), with an aura of deep internal strength and confidence in what she creates. I met Mia back in November, the same day I met her neighbor, Adriana Atema (last blog post) at the Red Hook Open Studios, but we didn't get a chance to talk for too long. I liked the little we did chat about, plus, she was giving away PBR's at her studio, so I knew she had to be cool :)

Her work has a boldness to it, sexual positivity; no-holds-barred. Her Swedish heritage shows through her dirty blonde locks and light eyes. [Side note: IKEA also happens to be within eyesight of her studio window, ha!]. The layers of light and dark are interwoven throughout her heart and mind, and make her who she is as an artist.

We talked a lot about dealing with "stuff". In Mia's newer series, she gets about as straight forward and therapeutic as you can get, with each piece stating "Fuck ______". She inserts whoever's name needs to go in at that time. I think that's what drew me to her work initially, specifically her photography; the raw and boldness of it. In her longest lasting photo series, she placed herself, nude, in undistinguishable frames of similarly bare wilderness and earth. We talked for hours, and I shot what I saw during our time in her studio. Here are a few of my favorites: